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Kids Lisa Frank Kitty Cat Backpack
Inside Lisa Frank Cat Backpack
$27.99 $36.99
Available in three vibrant and colorful designs, this adorable Cartoon Kitty Cat Backpack was specifically created for little girls up to 130cm (4' 3") tall. Durable, comfortable and cute, these Cartoon Kitty Cat Backpacks have a breathable, air cushion backing and are perfect for carrying small books, snacks, art supplies and other kids essentials. Ideal for elementary school, tea parties...
Kids Casual Kitty Cat Backpack
White Canvas Cat Backpack
Sold Out
Available in four different designs, this adorable Casual Kitty Cat Backpack is super cute and features an embossed lazy kitty cat print with protruding tail and ears.  Constructed from rugged, high quality canvas with front zipper compartment, interior zipper pouch and side pockets, it's sweet, lovable and modestly sized; ideal as a kids school...
Kids Plush Totoro Anime Backpack
Kids Plush Totoro Backpack
$18.99 $26.99
Is he a cat? A bunny? Who knows! Either way, this Plush Totoro Backpack is sweet and adorable and features the smiling anime character, complete with plush arms and ears. Designed for toddlers and small children, this bag is a great for carrying toys, snacks, small books, art supplies and other little...
Kids 3D Cartoon Animal Face Backpack (16")
Kids 3D Cartoon Animal Face Backpack (16")
$34.99 $46.99
A cool and unique school bag for kids, this 3D Cartoon Animal Face Backpack features fun and friendly cartoon animal faces (Dinosaur, Shark, Unicorn, etc.) with an enlarged front zipper pouch that's designed to look like a protruding mouth. Available in 6 creative designs, they include large and spacious interiors, mesh side pockets and a quality internal lining with...
Medium 2D Cartoon Style Backpack
Cartoon Backpack Model
Sold Out
At first glance, this colorful 2D Cartoon Style Backpack looks unreal! It has a unique two dimensional design with a thick, comic-style border, giving you the impression that it's larger and thicker than it actually is with a quirky, cartoon look. A fun, one-of-a-kind novelty bag for carrying lightweight, daily necessities, people are sure to...
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