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Cartoon Theme Backpacks

Kids PinkFong Baby Shark Song Backpack
PinkFong Baby Shark Backpack Style 3
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Many parents have probably had enough of the PinkFong Baby Shark Song, but if your child just can't stop singing it (Baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo...), then they're sure love this Kids Baby Shark Song Backpack. Designed for kids up to 130cm (4' 3") tall, it's available in 8 different designs...
Kids Plush Totoro Anime Backpack
Kids Plush Totoro Backpack
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Is he a cat? A bunny? Who knows! Either way, this Plush Totoro Backpack is sweet and adorable and features the smiling anime character, complete with plush arms and ears. Designed for toddlers and small children, this bag is a great for carrying toys, snacks, small books, art supplies and other little...
Kids / Toddler Chi's Kitty Cat Backpack
Kids Chi's Anime Cat Backpack
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Made from comfortable, soft plush fabric, this adorable Chi's Kitty Cat Backpack is designed to look just like the adorable cat from the Chi's Sweet Home anime series. Ideal for toddlers and small children, it has an easy-open velcro flap and is perfect for carrying a small tablet, toys, snacks, art supplies and other little kid...
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