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Animal Theme Backpacks

Space Kitty / Laser Cat Backpack
Space Cat Backpack
$34.99 $46.99
Even if you don't love cats, these Space Kitty Backpacks are absolutely hilarious! They feature cute little kitties flying around space, shooting lasers and doing what cats do... being fuzzy and adorable.  Made from high quality weatherproof nylon with a soft, breathable back, our Space / Laser Kitty Backpacks offer 20-35 liter of capacity and provide plenty of room for books, clothing,...
Funny Unicorn Kitty Cat Backpack
Unicorn Kitty Backpack Style 2
$34.99 $46.99
Combing the magic of unicorns with adorable, fuzzy kitty cats, these Funny Unicorn Cat Backpacks are available in three different designs and are sure to inspire smiles from both unicorn and kitty lovers alike. Versatile and spacious, they're constructed from quality weatherproof nylon and feature a laptop-ready computer slot, interior...
Funny Pop Culture Kitty Cat Backpack (17")
Funny Pop Culture Kitty Cat Backpack (17") King Kong Cat
$34.99 $46.99
Inspired by kitties and pop culture, this Funny Kitty Cat Backpack features a variety of hillarious designs, including: DJ Cat, Donut Cat, King Kong Cat and more. Made from high quality weatherproof nylon with a soft, breathable back, it provides plenty of room for books, clothing, a laptop and all...
Kids Casual Kitty Cat Backpack
White Canvas Cat Backpack
$24.99 $32.99
Available in four different designs, this adorable Casual Kitty Cat Backpack is super cute and features an embossed lazy kitty cat print with protruding tail and ears.  Constructed from rugged, high quality canvas with front zipper compartment, interior zipper pouch and side pockets, it's sweet, lovable and modestly sized; ideal as a kids school...
Purple Cat Backpack with Sunglasses
White Cat Backpack with Sunglasses
$34.99 $46.99
Designed specifically for the COOL CATS, if you tend to look at things from the positive side, this Life Is Full Of Sunshine Cat Backpack is definitely for you! Available in two different designs, the Purple version is vivid and bright, while the White has a cool, black and white...
Colorful Psychedelic Cat Print Backpack (17")
Colorful Psychedelic Cat Print Backpack (17") Style 3
$34.99 $46.99
If you love cats, then you're definitely going to appreciate these Colorful Psychedelic Cat Print Backpacks. They come in a number of unique and vibrant designs and feature beautiful artistic representations of your favorite feline friends. Made from quality waterproof nylon oxford with a soft, cushioned back, these wonderful cat backpacks are ideal for...
Cool Cat w/ Sunglasses Backpack
Back of Cool Cat Backpack
$32.99 $43.99
It doesn't get much cooler than a cat with sunglasses! This awesomely amusing Cool Cat Backpack features a vivid photographic print of a laid back, cool kitty with brightly colored sunglasses. Constructed from durable nylon oxford with a soft, breathable back, it's fun and stylish... and exceptionally cool! Available in two different sizes, use it as an entertaining...
Winged Angel Kitty Cat Backpack
Angel Kitty Backpack Style 5
$34.99 $46.99
We all know that kitties aren't always angels, but these funny and adorable Angel Kitty Cat Backpacks are covered in a vivid 3D heat print design featuring cute and lovable angel kitties in front of a beautiful, sky lit backdrop. Available in six delightful designs, they include a large and...
Photographic Cat Print Backpack
Back of Cat Print Backpack
$36.99 $47.99
Incorporating a vivid and realistic photographic image, this magnificent Cat Print Backpack is available in three different designs and features dual zipper compartments, mesh side pockets and an interior laptop slot pocket. Constructed from durable nylon oxford, it's perfect for school, travel or play and is ideal for carrying books, a laptop, clothing and...
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